Here is my article 20 Ways We May Be Able To Help You With ONCA.  It sets out some of the items that our law firm can assist Ontario non-profit corporations with when preparing for ONCA.

The Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (“ONCA”) was originally passed in 2010. It has not yet been brought into force.  Although it was expected to come into force in 2013, it has been delayed a number of times and it looks like it will only come into force in 2016. When ONCA comes into force it will apply to all non-share capital corporations currently under Ontario’s Corporations Act (“OCA”).  

Some Ontario non-profit corporations will wait till the last minute, and long after ONCA has been brought in to force, to focus on the ONCA changes and their impact on the governance of their non-profit.  For some corporations this strategy may work fine, but for others it could create a lot of challenges and problems. 

Every Ontario non-profit corporation that is currently under the OCA should have a strategy for making the changes required by ONCA.  Some smaller corporations will do everything themselves while others will wish to obtain legal counsel to assist with the transition.   

Here is the article 20 Ways We May Be Able To Help You With ONCA