Here is a note from Ken Mayhew, AFP Canadian Government Relations Committee Chair, on some upcoming workshops put on by the Charity Law Information Project.

Workshop Series: Understanding the Canada Revenue Agency’s Fundraising Guidance
(Sept. 7, 2010) This fall the Charity Law Information Program (CLIP), funded by CRA, will conduct a series of workshops to demystify the Guidance. Cynthia Armour, CFRE, a long standing AFP member and Mark Blumberg, LL.B., a charity lawyer will explain the legal and practical fundraising application of the Guidance.

It is very important that AFP members become familiar with and understand the Guidance and its intent. We encourage you to attend and actively participate in these valuable sessions.  For more information on these Canada-wide workshops including dates, locations and content, please click on the link here ( or contact the AFP Canada Office at 416-941-9212. 

Every registered charity in this country must provide Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) with their fundraising expenses and revenues. This process often resulted in inconsistently reported results and lowered the value of information donors need to make informed decisions.

To address the importance of transparent and accurate information, in 2008 CRA undertook a lengthy and detailed review of their reporting process and procedures. The Association of Fundraising Professionals was one of many groups invited to submit content during this consultation. Thankfully this feedback was considered and in many cases incorporated. The resulting CRA Guidance on Fundraising was released in June 2009. AFP has continued to provide direct feedback on the Guidance to the CRA. 

AFP, along with representatives from Imagine Canada and the Health Charities Coalition of Canada, met in person with the CRA on June 14, 2010 to discuss this issue, and as a follow-up to that meeting, AFP, Imagine Canada and the Health Charities Coalition of Canada plan to send the CRA a letter with some additional feedback and recommendations.

All the best for continued success in your important work,

Ken Mayhew
AFP Canadian Government Relations Committee Chair