Here are some interesting numbers from the Charities Directorate.  4,456 applications and 2060 of them are registered/reregistered.  Most applications are either returned for incomplete information, denied, withdrawn or abandoned.  It just reiterates the importance of carefully preparing any charity application and understanding the Income Tax Act requirements for charities and CRA’s guidance and expectations.

We are regularly assisting applicants with charity applications.  Some of the applicants could probably benefit also from our Charity Law Boot Camp on May 15.

Here are the recent statistics from CRA:

“Applying for registration

Each year, the Charities Directorate receives several thousand applications for registration as a charity. In 2012/13, final decisions were made with respect to 4,456 of these applications. These included:

  • 2,060 registrations and re-registrations;
  • 283 denials;
  • 1,636 applications returned to the applicants because of incomplete or missing information;
  • 271 applications withdrawn by the applicants; and
  • 206 applications abandoned (meaning that the applicant never responded to our request for more information).”