I am looking forward to delivering a presentation at the APRA conference on “Transparency in the Canadian Charity Sector – the T3010 and Beyond”

Level: General
Transparency in the Canadian Charity Sector – the T3010 and Beyond
Mark Blumberg, Partner, Blumberg Segal LLP

Understanding the T3010 is essential for researchers, grantwriters, and fundraisers. What does the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return tell us about our Canadian charitable sector
and charities? What does it ignore? What information on the form tends to be accurate and what less so? In this session, Mark will show how the T3010 is helpful in prospect research. How could the T3010 be improved? What other information can the CRA release on charities beyond the T3010 that could be helpful for researchers? He will also look at information other countries are capturing about their charitable sector that we are missing.


  • Limitations of the T3010
  • Gaps in charitable reporting despite some transparency in the sector.