Today an article appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek entitled “How a Charity Superstar Innovated Its Way to Political Scandal: The Kielburger brothers courted celebrities, became voluntourism pioneers, and built a Davos-friendly model of philanthrocapitalism. Then a Canadian Covid-relief deal got people asking questions.“.  It is well worth reading and raises a number of new allegations, some of which I have heard before privately, but others which are quite new.   I am not even going to try to summarize such a long, comprehensive and well-written article by Natalie Obiko Pearson, Danielle Bochove and David Herbling.

I think I testified recently that I think we only know 20% of what happened with the CSSG and WE Charity and that a public inquiry was necessary.  After reading this article I feel I now know 25%!  But it also raises lots more questions. For example, I thought WE movement had about 20 entities – well it appears that it might be more than 30 entities.   It helps for Bloomberg News to have a worldwide network of journalists!.

This article reminds us of the importance of journalism and that serious journalists should cover the charity sector.