Here is the Blumbergs’ Canadian Charity Sector Snapshot 2019.

We recently reviewed the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return database for 2019 as part of the Sean Blumberg Transparency Project. The database covers about 83,892 of the approximately 86,000 registered charities in Canada that had filed their T3010 and were processed into CRA’s Charity Listing database by May 2021.

This article provides a snapshot of the registered charity sector based on the 2019 T3010 filings. We have completed Blumbergs’ Snapshots of the Canadian Charity Sector for 2010 – 2018 as well. Keep
in mind that these statistics only relate to registered charities under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and not to the 80,000 -100,000 non-profits which are not registered charities and for which CRA is not
permitted to release information.

The Canadian charity sector is a vital part of Canadian society and economy with revenue of over $321 billion and expenditures of about $283 billion.