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Blumbergs Canadian Charity Law List – February 2011

1) Upcoming FREE CLIP Webinars (Online internet seminars) on charity law, fundraising and receipting

Here are some of the upcoming Charity Law Information Program (CLIP) webinars and “charity chats” on receipting, fundraising and foreign activities with links to the registration pages that I will be delivering.  The CLIP program of Capacity Builders is supported by a contribution from the Charities Partnership and Outreach Program of the Charities Directorate. There is no charge for these sessions at this time.  You can register for any session by clicking the link.  The short link for this page is:

2) Upcoming Seminar in Ottawa on Receipting and Fundraising with Mark Blumberg

Here is a flyer for an upcoming program on Fundraising and Receipting in Ottawa February 23, 2011.

3) Article on Top Receipting Concerns for Canadian Registered Charities by Mark Blumberg that was presented to the OBA 2011 Institute

Here is a copy of my paper delivered at the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) Institute 2011 entitled Top Receipting Concerns for Canadian Registered Charities.  I was delighted to be co-chairing the charity program and that there were 90 lawyers out for the charity session.  There were about 1600 lawyers attending the institute this year.

4) CRA releases proposed guidance “The Promotion of Animal Welfare and Charitable Registration”

CRA has just released its “Consultation on proposed guidance for The Promotion of Animal Welfare and Charitable Registration”.  It is being released as part of a consultation and they are asking for comments by March 31, 2011.  There are over 700 Canadian registered charities dealing with animal welfare in Canada. 

5) Dangerous Opinions – Legal and Ethical Issues with Legal Opinions on Charity Law by David Thompson

David Thompson of Scarfone Hawkins in Hamilton, Ontario recently wrote a paper entitled “Dangerous Opinions – Legal and Ethical Issues with Legal Opinions on Charity Law and the Income Tax Act”.  If anyone is wondering how can people believe the ridiculous proposition that you one can invest $1000 dollars and get a $5000 official donation receipt from a registered charity they may want to read this article.  It discusses the role of some major law firms in providing “legal opinions”, marketing support, and ostensible legitimacy to these sordid schemes. Mr. Thompson is presently acting for plaintiffs in a number of class action lawsuits including claims against Banyan Tree Foundation/Rochester Financial Limited/Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP.  I am going to try to get David to do a webinar on this issue and if he agrees it will be listed with the other webinars at .

6) “CRA going after the superwealthy” and their private foundations

Jamie Golombek wrote recently an article in the Financial Post on an audit initiative of CRA targeting high net worth individuals whose assets are over $50 million dollars and one of the items CRA is querying is related entities including private charitable foundations.

7) Presentation by Danie Huppe-Cranford on CRA Major Charity Non-Compliance Issues Feb 2011

Here is a presentation entitled CRA Major Charity Non-Compliance Issues which was recently delivered in Toronto.

8) Proulx, D. v. The Queen – FCA denies clergy residence deductions to pastoral agent

In Proulx, D. v. The Queen, the Federal Court of Appeal (FCA) sided with CRA and allowed a CRA appeal from a Tax Court decision dealing with clergy residence deductions. 

9) Debate between Dan Pallotta, Ken Berger (Charity Navigator) and Bob Ottenhoff (Guidestar)

Here is a debate organized by Network For Good involving author and fundraising consultant Dan Pallotta, Ken Berger (Charity Navigator) and Bob Ottenhoff (Guidestar). 

10) A + B = C – Actions and Behaviors lead to Consequences – Do No Harm Project

Here is a nice simplification of the Do No Harm model.  You can read about it at

11) Corporations Canada free information session on the new Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act – Toronto

Are you a Federal non-profit corporation currently under the Canada Corporations Act?.  If so in the next 3 years after the new Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act comes into force will have to continue/transition to the new Act.  Corporations Canada will be holding a free information session on the new Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) in Toronto and you may find it very useful. 

12) New CRA webinars on Activities outside of Canada and Political Activities

The Charities Directorate has announced it will be presenting the following upcoming topics for 2011: February 23: Activities Outside Canada; March 16: Political Activities.

13) Recently updated Canadian Charity Law Checklist by Mark Blumberg with compliance issues for Canadian charities

Here is a revised version of the Canadian Charity Law Checklist from our firm.  In addition to reminding charities of questions to ask it also provides links to relevant resources.  If it is helpful to have it in MS Word or Excel format for your own internal review purposes and keeping track of some of these issues please write to my law clerk Irene Tilarso ( and she can send it to you in either or both format.


Upcoming Events

As noted above I will be delivering a number of webinars over the next 2 months.  For more information and a few of the topics see:

I will be delivering a seminar entitled “Governance Primer for Charity Boards” for Volunteer MBC (Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon)) and the Peel Leadership Centre on February 15, 2011.

In June I will be presenting at the Alberta Government’s Vitalize Provincial Voluntary Sector Conference in Edmonton.  More information will be available at

Past Events

I co-chaired a program entitled “Charity Corporate Changes and Avoiding Compliance Problems” which was part of the OBA’s Institute 2011.  The OBA Institute is the largest continuing legal education event in Ontario.  We had a number of great speakers. 

I spoke at the Strategy Institute 8th Annual Foundation, Endowment & Not For Profit Investment Summit which was held in Toronto on January 18 – 19, 2011.  My topic was Governance and Compliance Challenges for Foundations in 2011

I also delivered a presentation on “Recent Legal Developments Affecting Registered Charities” for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO). 

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