We launched today at the Blumbergs' Charity Law Institute 2018 the Blumbergs Canadian Charity Sector Snapshot 2016.  It has some interesting statistics on the Canadian charitable sector from the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return filings.  

Some of the highlights of the Blumbergs’ Snapshot of the Canadian Charity Sector 2016 include:

•           84,457 registered charities filed their T3010 in Canada out of approximately 86,000 charities

•           $261 billion in total revenue for Canadian charities and total expenditures of $252 billion.

•          Government revenue totaled $177 Billion including from the federal government ($7.3 Billion), provincial governments ($159.5 Billion) and municipal/regional governments ($10.2 billion)

•           76,894 identified themselves as active and 6,046 as inactive

•           29,837 made gifts to other charities or qualified donees during their 2016 fiscal year

•           5,097 conducted activities outside of Canada and spent over $3.68 billion outside of Canada

•           156 Canadian charities received funds from CIDA/DFATD/GAC

•          2,877 identified having contractual relationships with foreign intermediaries, 1,434 charities identified that employees conducted activities outside of Canada and 2,980 had volunteers conducting foreign activities.

•          $2.3 Billion was received by Canadian charities from outside of Canada

•           556 identified carrying on political activities

•          $27 million was spent by Canadian charities on political activities

•          the most common method of political activity is staff using the website or social media. (see the new schedule 7 with information on political activities)

•          40,150 identified having employment expenses while 43,596 did not have any employment expenses

•          $142 Billion was spent by Canadian charities on salaries and other compensation expenditures

•           $16.6 Billion in official donation receipts were issued by Canadian registered charities