We recently reviewed the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return database for 2012 as part of the Sean Blumberg Transparency Project.   We have taken a subset of the 2012 T3010 data to look at only registered charities based in Alberta.    The data set was updated to January 2014.  Alberta has a very important charitable sector and this will shed a small amount of light on some of the numbers.   

Some of the highlights of the Blumbergs’ Snapshot of the Alberta Charity Sector include:

  • 9,096 registered charities in Alberta
  • 3,309 of the registered charities listed websites
  • 8,329 identified themselves as active and 574 as inactive
  • 3,708 made gifts to other charities or qualified donees during their 2012 fiscal year
  • $29.4 billion in total revenue for Alberta charities and total expenditures of $29.2 billion.
  • 696 conducted activities outside of Canada and spent about $157 million outside of Canada
  • 23 Alberta charities received funds from CIDA
  • 333 identified having contractual relationships with foreign intermediaries, 212 Alberta charities identified that employees conducted activities outside of Canada and 416 had volunteers conducting foreign activities.
  • 43 identified carrying on political activities
  • 3986 identified having employment expenses while 5028 did not have any employment expenses
  • 186,933 full time employees and 229,079 part-time employees
  • $15.7 Billion was spent by Alberta charities on salaries and other compensation expenditures
  • $1.9 Billion in official donation receipts were issued by Alberta charities