I was asked by a friend in Vancouver to prepare a Blumbergs’ Snapshot of the BC Charity Sector 2012.   Hopefully someone will find it helpful.   

Some of the highlights of the Blumbergs’ Snapshot of the BC Charity Sector include:

11,995 registered charities in BC
10,828 identified themselves as active and 884 as inactive
4,355 made gifts to other charities or qualified donees during their 2012 fiscal year
$31.2 billion in total revenue for BC charities and total expenditures of $30.3 billion.
1030 conducted activities outside of Canada and spent about $161 million outside of Canada
28 BC charities received funds from CIDA
503 identified having contractual relationships with foreign intermediaries, 320 BC charities identified that employees conducted activities outside of Canada and 654 had volunteers conducting foreign activities.
62 identified carrying on political activities
5382 identified having employment expenses while 6476 did not have any employment expenses
223,852 full time employees and 264,991 part-time employees
$16.2 Billion was spent by BC charities on salaries and other compensation expenditures
$1.8 Billion in official donation receipts were issued by BC charities