On October 28, 2016 at the Blumbergs' Charity Law Institute we will be presenting the results of the Blumbergs’ Snapshot of the Ontario Charity Sector 2014 including how the numbers have changed between 2011 and 2014.  

Some of the highlights from 2014 include:

Number of registered charities in Ontario  30,547

Ontario charities identified themselves as inactive  5,482

Ontario charities made gifts to other charities or qualified donees during their 2012 fiscal year  12,062

Total revenue for Ontario charities  $100.9 billion

Total expenditures of Ontario charities $95.7 billion

Ontario charities that identified carrying on political activities   229

Ontario charities that had employment expenses  13,956

Ontario charities that did not have any employment expenses  16,298

Amount spent by Ontario charities on salaries and other compensation $54.5 billion

Amount of official donation receipts issued by Ontario charities $7.7 billion