I am looking forward to presenting to the CAGP Advanced Canadian Gift Planning Symposium on international philanthropy in Ottawa on October 17, 2018.   Robert Kleinman, Executive Vice-President of The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, and myself will present on “Charity Performed Abroad – practical tips and minefields”. 

Here is a blurb from CAGP on the CAGP Advanced Canadian Gift Planning Symposium:

Don't miss your chance to attend one of CAGP's signature programs in Ottawa, ON! 

Dates: October 17-18, 2018
Location: Carleton University

Registration closes October 1, 2018

This two-day symposium is intended to provide learning and dialogue on current tax, legislative and philanthropic issues related to charitable giving. It is designed for professionals who have a good understanding of individual and corporate taxation, trusts, and the use of financial planning strategies with high net worth donors / clients.

Highlights of this year’s Advanced Symposium include:

Charity performed abroad – Practical Tips and Minefields (Robert Kleinman and Mark Blumberg)

Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector – An interactive conversation with the Committee's Deputy Chair about some of the issues currently before the Committee (The Honourable Ratna Omidvar)

The Graduated Rate Estate and Testamentary charitable gifting – Focus on the new rules around testamentary charitable giving (M. Elena Hoffstein)

Gifts Involving Insurance – Session sponsored by Cardinal Capital Management, Inc. – Problems with extended benefits and promises made to donors (Brenda McEachern)

What’s wrong with endowments today? – A more practical approach to endowment funding, especially for faculty positions in a university setting (Doug Puffer)

How Public Policy fits Philanthropy -Self-regulation has become much more important due to various scandals and changing policy (Susan Phillips)

Donor Advised Funds Project – Where the results of the first Canadian comprehensive report on Donor Advised Funds will be shared (Keith Sjorgren, Katherine Dalziel and Karen Hudson)

Out-of-the-Box Gifts – These include gifts of private company shares, private REITS, and gifts involving potential private benefit and recognition (Jo-Anne Ryan and Troy McEachren)

The Perfected Gift: it may not be what you think! (John Poyser)