Yes.  But it must be done properly.  Here is a note from CRA on the subject.
Correcting or replacing official donation receipts
How can a charity correct errors on printed receipts?
We recommend that a registered charity use a stamp that clearly shows a change of name, address, or registration number if it wants to use its remaining stock of official donation receipts before ordering a new supply. The charity should also make sure that any incorrect information is crossed out, either by stamp or by hand.
How can a charity replace a lost or spoiled receipt?
• To replace a lost receipt, a registered charity can issue a replacement, which must contain all the required information plus the serial number of the lost receipt. The replacement receipt should also state that it “cancels and replaces the lost receipt.” The charity’s copy of the lost receipt should be kept and marked “cancelled.”
• For a spoiled receipt, a registered charity can issue a new receipt but must keep the original copies (both the donor’s and charity’s) marked “cancelled”.