It depends on whether the member is receiving valuable benefits and the value of those benefits.

“Summary Policy
Date September 3, 2003 (Revised November 23, 2005)
Reference Number
CSP – M05
Key Words
Membership fees
Policy Statement
A qualified donee can issue an official donation receipt for the eligible amount of the payment of membership fees. To determine the eligible amount, the donee must take into consideration the advantage received or obtained by the member in return for the payment.
Where the advantage does not exceed 10% or $75, the full amount paid in regard to membership fees is receiptable. However, where the advantage exceeds 10% or $75, the donee must deduct the amount of the advantage from the amount of the payment.
For example, for a contribution of $100, a member receives a pen valued at $15. Since the advantage exceeds 10% (i.e., 10% of $100 = $10), the donee can issue an official donation receipt for $85 (i.e., eligible amount = $100 – $15).
• Consideration, CSP-C13.
• Gift (donation), CSP-G01.
• Receipt, CSP-R02.
• Income Tax Technical News, Issue 26.”

In Income Tax Technical News #26 it provides:

“Membership Fees
Whether or not there is an eligible amount associated with the payment of membership fees or other amount to a registered charity of which an individual is a member will be determined on the basis of whether the membership fee or other amount exceeds the amount of the advantage. If the amount of the advantage is 80% or less of the payment to the charity, a tax receipt may be issued for the eligible amount.
• The purpose of the registered charity is the promotion of Canadian theatre.
• For a contribution of $250, a contributor will receive the following:
• recognition as a donor in the charity’s newsletter;
• a subscription to the charity’s quarterly newsletter (otherwise available free of charge);
• the right to attend annual meetings;
• a monthly calendar of performances (otherwise available free of charge);
• an advance invitation to certain performances;
• an invitation to dress rehearsals (open to the general public);
• a pewter key chain (normally sold for $10);
• a discount for certain performances (value of $40); and
• parking vouchers (value of $40).
Determination of eligible amount

Contribution $250
Less: Complimentary items
Key chain $10
*Discount $40
*Parking vouchers   $40
Advantage $ 90
Eligible amount $160
Since the amount of the advantage ($90) received by a contributor is less than 80% of $250 ($200), donative intent may be presumed and a tax receipt may be issued in the amount of $160.
*The onus is on the charity to provide a value for these items. The value must be reasonable, given the facts of the particular situation.”