[Here is CRA’s 2012 updated fundraising guidance information – http://tinyurl.com/8x99n2j ] CRA has just released its Guidance on Fundraising by Canadian charities.  You can see the document in English at:  http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/chrts/plcy/cps/cps-028-eng.html and in French at:
http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/chrts-gvng/chrts/plcy/cps/cps-028-fra.html It is 35 pages at 9.5 font.  To make it easier to read I here is my slightly larger font (13 point font) version of the Guidance on Fundraising from CRA which is placed it in one PDF document if that helps anyone who wants to save it to their laptop or desktop and make notes on the document.  For those who find it more convenient the Charity Law Information Program (CLIP), which is supported in part by funding from the Canada Revenue Agency, has taken the main document and inserted the content of the “Additional Information” directly next to the part of the the Guidance it is referring to. A reader can read the guidance from beginning to end without having to jump backwards and forwards between the two documents. The CLIP version of Fundraising Guidance is at: http://www.capacitybuilders.ca/files/resources/CRA_Fundraising_Guidance_1259599283.pdf
Whatever version you wish to use – this is a guidance document that anyone involved in governance and fundraising of charities should review.

For those that are interested in knowing more about the Fundraising Guidance as well here is a free 1 hour webinar on the CRA Fundraising Guidance – you can download it here https://ocsa.webex.com/ocsa/lsr.php?AT=pb&SP=TC&rID=440027&rKey=482cc2c6dcf99042&act=pb

You may also be interested in reading the CRA press release relating to the Guidance on Fundraising located at http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/nwsrm/rlss/2009/m07/nr090709-eng.html