The CRA Fundraising Guidance is an important document for boards of directors to understand and to ensure that their charity complies with the requirements of the fundraising guidance.  Here are some questions that a board of a Canadian charity may wish to ask in relation to the Fundraising Guiance.

Have you read the CRA Guidance on Fundraising and do you understand it?

Have you provided a copy of the Guidance to your board of directors and senior staff?

Is your board of directors aware of the policy and its implications?

Are any of your activities prohibited?

Do any of the indicators of concern apply to your charity?

What are your charity’s ratios of cost to revenue?

Are your charity’s ratios in line with CRA expectations?

What steps are you taking to reduce your fundraising costs?

What steps are you taking to be more transparent and provide more disclosure?

What steps are you taking to enhance best practices?

Do you report regularly to your board about compliance with the Guidance?