Did you know that there are a number of Canadian charities with over 10,000 employees?  These statistics are according to the 2008 T3010 Registered Charity Information Return numbers from the Canada Revenue Agency.  There are 241 who have over a thousand employees.  There are 1277 who have over a hundred employees.  There are 7456 who have over 10 employees.  There are 36,836 charities have one or more employees.

This also means that more charities do not have a single full time employee than those that do.  There are about 1,434,600 full time employees.  Charities go from having no full time employees to having 28,000 employees, which is The Toronto District School Board, the largest employer.  There are also over 23,000 charities that have part time employees.  There are also a large number of unpaid volunteers who do very valuable work for charities.