I am compiling a list of statistics relating to Canadian charites.

Perhaps the best information on Canadian charities comes from the T3010 database.  A number of authors have analyzed the information in the T3010 although they have just touched the surface of the value of this database.

Here is a breakdown of how registered charities are divided based on 4 heads of charity (relief of poverty, education, religion, other purposes beneficial to the community that the law has found to be charitable)

Imagine Canada has some information on charities: http://nonprofitscan.imaginecanada.ca/tir_how_many_charities

Statistics Canada asked students”If you had $1,000 to donate to charity, what type of organization would you choose?”  It is interesting to see their answers and how different these students views are from actual donor patterns.  http://www19.statcan.gc.ca/04/04_0809/04_0809_023-eng.htm