I will be delivering with Guillermo Correa of RACI-Red Argentina para la Cooperación Internacional a workshop on capacity building at the CIVICUS World Assembly conference in Montreal looking at the Argentinean and Canadian examples.

Capacity Building, Encouraging a Culture of Philanthropy and Cooperation Amongst Civil Society – an Argentinean and Canadian perspective

Format : Engagement workshop
Description :Good intentions are not enough. This workshop focuses on building the capacity of the international cooperation sectors in Argentina and Canada to raise revenue, work together, and more effectively tackle problems. How can one build a culture of philanthropy? How can donors and NGOs better understand and respect each other’s perspectives to enhance the sustainability of current programmes? In response to this challenge, the Red Argentina para la Cooperación Internacional (RACI)(the Argentinean Network for International Cooperation) has established a network of over 50 NGOs as well as funders, embassies and others to coordinate various stakeholders and increase information, understanding and impact.

In Canada, there have been different efforts to encourage cooperation in the international cooperation sector and to build capacity of those in the sector. Also attempts have been made to encourage increased international philanthropy that is sensitive to various stakeholder interests. This workshop will discuss how can we work better together, avoid overlap, be more transparent and share information to make the sector stronger.

Presenters :
Guillermo Correa,
RACI-Red Argentina para la Cooperación Internacional, Argentina

Mark Blumberg,
Editor of www.globalphilanthropy.ca  Blumberg Segal LLP, Canada