For the 86,000 Canadian registered charities who file their T3010 Registered Charity Information Return every year and the 4500 or so organizations that apply for registered charity status every year, the introduction over the next few years of electronic filing is exciting news.   Here are excerpts from the comments by Cathy Hawara, Director General of the Charities Directorate of the Canada Revenue Agency, on these two e-filing initiatives in a May 2015 speech.   


The 2014 Budget provided funding to the CRA to modernize its information technology (IT) systems with a view to introducing new electronic service options. The project is now well underway and will help to reduce the administrative burden on registered charities.    

The project will include a redesign of the application form and information return and allow them to be electronically submitted with any supporting documents. But first, we will have to redesign and build the database which will house and display T3010 data.

I am very pleased to announce that the redesigned application and e-apply functionality will be launched in November 2017. The redesigned return and e-file option is scheduled for implementation in November 2018. More information about the project will be released as it becomes available and there will be opportunities for the sector to provide input.

Our objective, as we implement this project, will be to encourage the use of our new electronic channels as much as possible. We believe the charitable sector is ready for this shift – indeed, currently more than two thirds of all charities prepare their annual return using some electronic format (vendor software or the fillable form available on our website). Only a third of charities use the return we send them through the mail at the end of their fiscal year. As well, as part of our recent public opinion research, 80% of charities surveyed indicated they would file their return electronically if such a service was available to them. We will work to ensure that the services we develop are user-friendly, and we will implement an early communication plan to start preparing charities for the launch of these new electronic services. …