The CBC’s Jason Proctor wrote an article today on “Pandemic tests limits of religious freedom as churches set to fight B.C.’s COVID-19 rules in court: Group of churches claims public health measures unfairly target religious gatherings“.  It quotes Mark Blumberg and CRA on the importance of registered charities complying with legal requirements in Canada or they can face CRA compliance action.  Mark Blumberg also notes that they also may have to deal with civil litigation from survivors of COVID or their estates.  It should be noted that out of 32,000 religious charities in Canada, very few are deliberately violating the public health restrictions.


If charities are interested we have through ATIP obtained a “draft” of the CRA guidance on religion.  We sure hope that CRA releases the guidance to provide further information to charities that are “advancing religion”.  Keep in mind that not everything in the name of religion is advancing religion.