Someone sent me a link to a report from the Centre for Inquiry Canada entitled “The Costs of Religion in Canada“.  It is advocating for proselytization to be removed as charitable and groups that are only for the advancement of religion such as churches, mosques, synagogues and temples to lose their charitable status.

There are increasing calls from some for “modernization” of the definition of charity.  It is particularly ironic when those calls come from groups who may be excluded from a “modern” definition of charity.  With Canada becoming an increasingly less religious country, it would not be completely surprising that a Federal government one day decides to remove advancement of religion as being charitable.  What is even more likely is that a lower court judge, probably in Ontario, will declare that the current system discriminates and is unconstitutional and CRA will appeal and then drop the appeal!

The current Minister of National Revenue has held up even allowing CRA to publish its guidance dealing with religion which is a slightly ominous sign.      Whether one wants religious groups to be called charities or not, it would seem as a matter of basic rule of law that these groups should at least know what CRA expects of them.