We were recently informed by the CRA Charities Directorate that the generic CRA email address previously provided for certain communications with CRA is no longer available. Regular communications with CRA should continue being completed through mail, courier or fax. Our previous blog on this issue is provided below: 

In general if you have in the past sent documents to CRA it was done through mail, courier or fax.   CRA recently introduced an email address charservg@cra-arc.gc.ca as an alternative option for communicating with CRA in certain circumstances.  On CRA's website it has the email address only for their page Changing a charity’s director, trustee, or like official information.

However, it is our understanding:

  • Once a charity is established, you can send correspondence through email to CRA for anything relating to the charity that would normally be sent to the CLIENT SERVICES section (this includes proposed changes to purposes/activities, articles of amendment, amalgamations, continuances, director changes, name changes, etc).  
  • All documents provided in an attachment to CRA must be in a readable format that CRA can open.
  • You can also send any general questions to Client Services through to CRA using this email (such as questions relating to a proposed purpose/activity for a charity)
  • You can also send any follow up correspondence for a matter with Client Services (not relating to a charity application) to CRA using this email
  • Any other correspondence in relation to the Charities Directorate (for example charity applications, charity application responses, T3010’s, compliance and audits) cannot be sent through email and must be sent by fax or regular mail.)  When the electronic filing system is implemented in November 2018 the situation may change. 

In terms of turnaround time for a response to CRA, it will be the same waiting time as submitting something through fax/mail.

When CRA receives the documents by email, if it is a new action item they are working on, they will send out an acknowledgement letter in due course like they typically do. If someone is submitting a response to a letter from CRA regarding changes to objects, etc. and the matter is already opened, the charity will not get an acknowledgement and it will be directed to the agent that is dealing with the file.

If one needs an acknowledgment from CRA that the email was received, the charity should include in the email to CRA a message indicating that you would like confirmation that CRA has received the email/package and follow up with client services if you do not hear back from CRA. 

CRA using email will be helpful.  This is especially true on Fridays when the fax line can be busy.   Increasingly charities do not have faxes and matters may be time sensitive. If we find out more information we will let you know.