The Charities Directorate of the CRA has posted a page on CIDA’s Sahel Crisis Matching Fund.

Here is a link to the CRA’s Sahel Crisis Matching Fund page

Here is the text of the page:

“Sahel Crisis Matching Fund

Sahel Crisis Matching Fund On August 7, 2012, the Government of Canada announced the establishment of the Sahel Crisis Matching Fund. For every eligible dollar an individual Canadian donates to a registered Canadian charity that is responding to the Sahel crisis, the Government will set aside one dollar for the fund. The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) will allocate these funds to established Canadian and international humanitarian organizations for humanitarian assistance efforts that benefit the people most affected by the crisis.

Information for donors
Before you give:

•verify that an organization is a Canadian registered charity by consulting the CRA Charities Listings or contacting Client Services;
•ensure that the registered Canadian charity you plan to give to is collecting funds in response to the Sahel crisis; and
•read CIDA’s information on Donating and fundraising criteria and Eligible donations.
Information for registered charities
Important information about the Sahel Crisis Matching Fund including what types of donations are eligible for the fund, and the deadline for submitting the Sahel Crisis Matching Fund Declaration Form, can be found on CIDA’s Web site.

Charities that raise funds eligible for the Sahel Crisis Matching Fund will not receive a matching amount from the Government of Canada. For each eligible dollar raised, the Government of Canada will set aside one dollar for the Sahel Crisis Matching Fund, which will be administered separately by CIDA.

Registered charities may hold fundraising events to raise money from individuals specifically in response to the Sahel crisis. These amounts would be eligible to be matched even when donation receipts are not issued. Please note that in-kind donations are not eligible for the fund. A charity may gift the collected amount to another registered charity but it should be declared only once to CIDA to ensure no double-counting of donations.

Charities that wish to collect donations for the Fund can also get more information by contacting CIDA’s Public Enquires Service or the Charities Directorate’s Client Services.

Other ways to help victims of a disaster
Information for donors
For information about how you can assist victims of a disaster go to How can I help victims of a disaster? Donors can go to Giving to charity: Information for donors to learn about tax savings, donation receipts, how charities are regulated, and how to avoid fraud.

Information for registered charities
Registered charities can fundraise and gift to qualified donees that are experienced in humanitarian relief. For information about fundraising, see Guidance CG-013, Fundraising by Registered Charities and go to Fundraising events – General guidelines for issuing receipts applicable to all fundraising events or activities.

Registered charities can also carry out their own activities within the scope of their charitable objects. For more information, see CG-002, Canadian Registered Charities Carrying Out Activities Outside Canada.

Information for organizations interested in applying for charitable status
Go to Disaster relief – Applicants for charitable status.

Other Government of Canada Web sites
For more information on the Government of Canada’s efforts to provide relief to victims of disaster, please go to the following Web pages:

•How Canadians Can Help – Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
•CIDA’s Humanitarian Response to Crises– Canadian International Development Agency”