The Charity Commission of England and Wales has  released two very interesting regulatory case reports including the Regulatory Case Report –  The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust  and Regulatory Case Report -The Roddick Foundation.  These reports are interesting in that they discuss grants from UK charities to non-charities and the necessary steps a charity should take to ensure that their funds are appropriately used.

Both of these charities funded a group called “Cage” which was not a charity and was involved in certain controversial comments.

Canadian charities that provide funds to non-charities (non-qualified donees) need to maintain direction and control. CRA has 2 guidances that detail the steps that Canadian registered charities need to take (i.e. measures of control) to try to ensure appropriate direction and control.  At Blumberg Segal LLP we help many registered charities working with groups that are not registered charities both inside and outside of Canada.