We do regular updates of the portal CharityData.ca. Recently we just added more T3010 data including updated partial 2019 data and all of 2018 data.   We are now using 2018 data for searches and there are about 84,000 charities on the system.  So when you search the site, it is using as the base year charities listed in 2018.  The 2019 partial data reflects about 31,000 charities that were available in March 2020 before the CRA Charities Directorate had to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Be patient when doing searches or using drop-down menus – it may take 20 or 30 seconds because it is manipulating a lot of data and we are neither a large government department or a multinational corporation!

We hope to be launching some new functionality shortly as well, dealing with categories and subcategories.

We have also updated our article comparing the CRA’s Charities Listing and our CharityData.ca website.

We are glad that both the Charities Listing and the CharityData.ca website are operating and we encourage people to donate to charities in this difficult time.  At the bottom of every page on the CharityData.ca website, there is a link to a donation page for at CanadaHelps for each charity

For those who don’t know about CharityData.ca here is some general information:


Blumbergs has created the largest Canadian registered charity information portal at CharityData.ca with up to 17 years of data on every Canadian registered charity.
CharityData.ca provides an easy to use interface that is far easier to use than the CRA’s Charities Listing to analyse T3010 Registered Charity Information Return data on a particular charity.   It also allows the user to sort charities under “Advanced Charity Search” by over 30 criteria.
While it is easy to see what gifts a charity gives to other charities on the CRA website, but what if you want to know which charities gave funds to a particular charity?  Now you can do this on CharityData.ca by looking under the “Fundraising” tab.
The Director Search function of CharityData.ca also allows users to search over 600,000 directors by their first and last names, and it is the only publicly available and up-to-date tool for searching them.
The portal is free and it aims to increase transparency in the Canadian charity sector.
You can use CharityData.ca to search or sort by the following:
Search by Name of Charity, BN, Program, Charity Type, Revenue, Province and City.
You can also sort by over 25 different parameters listed below.
– Relevance
– Legal name
– Total assets (4200)
– Total liabilities (4350)
– Total revenue (4700)
– Total expenditures (5100)
– Receipted donations (4500)
– Total amount received from other charities (4510)
– Total amount of tax-receipted gifts-in-kind (580)
– Revenue from sale of goods and services (4640)
– Total revenue received from the federal government (4540)
– Total revenue received from provincial/territorial governments (4550)
– Total revenue received from municipal/regional governments (4560)
– Total tax-receipted revenue from outside Canada (4571)
– Total non tax-receipted revenue from outside Canada (4575)
– Total Advertising and promotion (4800)
– Occupancy costs (4850)
– Professional and consulting fees (4860)
– Total expenditures on charitable activities (5000)
– Total expenditures on management and administration (5010)
– Total expenditures on fundraising (5020)
– Total expenditures on political activities, inside or outside Canada (5030)
– Total other expenditures (5040)
– Total amounts paid to external fundraisers (5460)
– Total compensation expenditures (390)
– Total Expenditures Outside of Canada / Foreign Activities (200)
For the most up-to-date information on a particular charity, including whether a charity is still registered, you should use the CRA Charities Listing at https://apps.cra-arc.gc.ca/ebci/hacc/srch/pub/dsplyAdvncdSrch  However, for analyzing the past data of charities CharityData.ca is much easier to use.
CharityData.ca is part of the Sean Blumberg Transparency Project, which is in memory of my youngest brother Sean Blumberg. Sean was a sweet, kind person, a great brother who helped me on a number of occasions with many tasks including the time consuming and arduous task of reviewing T3010 databases and making them into something useful. As part of the Sean Blumberg Transparency Project, Blumbergs has been releasing information on the Canadian charity sector to provide a better understanding of the size, scope, complexity and challenges of the sector.