For those who could not attend the CIDA presentation today in Toronto here is a copy of the CIDA presentation and material on Partnership with Canadians Branch- August 2010.  There are some questions posed in this document that CIDA is looking for input by Wednesday August 25.  Here is a cleaner copy of the CIDA presentation from the OCIC, without the questions.

Here are some of my learnings from the meeting:

1) The Partnership with Canadians Branch will have a budget of 250 million which is similar to Partnership Branch now;

2) Lots of people do not see themselves reflected in the current structure of CIDA.  This seems to apply to 2 groups – groups that don’t get CIDA funding, never have and don’t think they ever have a shot at funding.  Also there were some participants who are concerned that these changes came without them (or others they know) being consulted. 

3) The 80% aligned to thematic priorities and 50% of resources in 20 countries – this alignment is expected to be done by 2012/13.  It is already 67% complete.

4) The Partnership with Canadians Branch “Partners for Development Program) will be divided into five areas:

-Small Projects Partners (30m)
-Large Projects Partners (95m)  – over 2m projects and no upward limit
-Knowledge Partners (20m)
-Volunteer Cooperation Partners (50m)
-University Partners (25m)

5) The Global Citizens Program will be increased to about 23m.

6) In 2 or so weeks there should be a call on Haiti

7) For new projects coming up later there will be a RFP process;

8) September 30 is deadline for using current application form

9) Thank you to OCIC for organizing the session.  Very valuable.

10) Thank you to CIDA for coming out – this was not an easy audience and the two CIDA reps did a great job of presenting and responding.