The Civicus World Assembly 2011 will be held in Montreal around September 8-12, 2012.  This is a great worldwide gathering of NGOs.  For those interested in development as well as civil society this is a great conference to network and learn and also a great value in terms of cost.  Here is further information is the flyer in English, French and Spanish.


Date :  8-12 September 2011

Location : Palais des congrès, Montréal,  201 Ave Viger Ouest, 5th Floor Foyer Viger

Hosted by : CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation and the Institut du Nouveau Monde

The CIVICUS World Assembly is back! It will take place in Montreal for the second consecutive year. Through more interactive activities based on a rich and participatory programme, the event will convene international keynote speakers as well as regional, national and local stakeholders and include an exceptional celebration marking the 10th edition of the World Assembly. Last year, 542 participants from 94 countries came to Montréal for this event. This year, we are expecting 800 delegates from just as many countries.

The CIVICUS World Assembly brings together civil society representatives, from the North and the South, from large and small organisations, to talk about civil society’s input into global decision-making and how we can do it better. By engaging all facets of civil society as well as representatives from other sectors in participative dialogue, we can explore how to ensure that the voices of the people are heard in global forums.

Under the overarching theme of “Acting Together for a Just World”, the annual theme of the 2011 World Assembly is Civil Society and Global Decision-Making: Doing it Better. More and more frequently, policy decisions are being made at the global level yet have their real impact at the local level. Populated by governments, multi-lateral institutions, multinational corporations and large international NGOs, voices are missing from the global decision-making arena. The voices of the local people and grassroots organisations need to be heard at the global level, on issues including human rights, climate justice, development effectiveness and women’s rights, if we are going to achieve a more just world.

The 2011 CIVICUS World Assembly programme is divided in four thematic tracks:
Development Effectiveness
Climate Justice
Connecting people through Technology
Civil Society and Democratic Space
Don’t miss this opportunity to engage in discussion forums and collect information on innovative practices for strengthened civil society action and influence!
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