The CFC 2013 Conference will be held in Winnipeg.  I will be delivering a presentation on dealing with non-qualified donees.  In honour of the conference and as part of the Sean Blumberg Transparency Project we have prepared some statistical information on the community foundation sector in Canada.  Community Foundations in 2011 had $3.1 billion in assets ($3,128,321,435.00) and revenue of $338,109,753 and expenditures of $199,872,591.00.  In total they are spending about 6.4 percent of assets on charitable and other expenditures.

Community Foundations in Canada sorted by alphabetical order

Which are the largest community foundations in Canada

Which community foundations in Canada spent the most

If anyone would like a detailed Excel spreadsheet on the community foundations that includes all CRA T3010 financial information just let me know at