Industry Canada has been sending notices about new corporate services that will be available online for CNCA corporations.  As well they are providing a corporate key for non-profits to access those services.

Here is a copy of one of the notices:

“Corporations Canada is proud to announce that it is introducing a series of online services for not-for-profit corporations. In addition to filing annual returns, you can now also do the following online transactions:
Change director information
Change registered office information
Pre-approve a corporate name
Subscribe to annual return reminder emails

To change director information or registered office information, you will need to enter a corporate key that serves as an 8-digit access code to your corporation’s information.

Your corporate key is:____________

Please protect your corporate key. Access should be restricted to those who are authorized to make online changes and requests on behalf of the corporation. If you lose it or wish to reset it, you will need to apply for a new one. Should you have any questions about our new services or the corporate key, please contact our Client Services Centre at 1-888-333-5556.”

Also here is an FAQ from Industry Canada on the Corporation Key:

“Corporation Key – Q&As

What is a Corporation Key?

A Corporation Key is an eight-digit access code that must be entered, along with a corporation number, before certain online transactions can be carried out on the Corporations Canada Online Filing Centre.

Who should request a Key?

Any corporation wishing to submit an online request to update corporate information, where no payment is required, should apply for a Key. Examples of activities that can be carried out online using a Key include: changing a registered corporate office address; making changes to the board of directors and applying to dissolve a corporation.

Why does my corporation need a Corporation Key?

The use of a Corporation Key is an enhanced online security precaution. Only individuals who have a Corporation Key are permitted to file changes to certain corporate information items online with Corporations Canada.

Does the Corporation Key replace the Strategis Login that we used previously when logging into the Corporations Canada system?

Since the new Corporations Canada Online Filing Centre does not use the Strategis system, it will not recognize your old Strategis login name and password. Instead, a Corporation Key is now needed to change either the registered office address or information regarding directors, or to dissolve a corporation. Other Corporations Canada services do not require a Corporation Key. You may request a Corporation Key by visiting the Online Filing Centre and clicking on the “Obtain Corporation Key” link.

Which online transactions require a Corporation Key?
•Changes to registered office information
•Changes to information regarding directors
•Adding or changing an additional address
•Dissolving a corporation
•Managing annual return reminder email subscriptions

When does my corporation need a Corporation Key?

Your corporation may not need a Corporation Key immediately. A key is required only when the corporation needs to update its corporate information and chooses to do this online. A key is also needed when a corporation wants to apply online to be dissolved.

How does my corporation obtain a Corporation Key?

Simply click on the link “Obtain Corporation Key” found on the online filing center and follow the steps described there.

Is there a fee?

There is no fee for a Corporation Key.

Where do I send the request?

The request is processed online.

How will we receive our key?

The key will be sent by regular mail to the registered office of the corporation that Corporations Canada currently has on file.

What if our registered office address is out of date?

If your registered office address is out of date, please follow the instructions provided within the “Obtain Corporation Key” request.

How long does it take to process a request for a Corporation Key?

Corporations Canada usually processes such requests within two business days of receipt. The Corporation Key is then sent to the corporation’s registered office address via Canada Post.

How do I use the Corporation Key?

The user will be prompted for the key and the corporation number when accessing an online transaction that requires a key.

What do we do if the Corporation Key is misplaced.

In the event that a Corporation Key is lost or misplaced, you should follow the steps to obtain a new Corporation Key through the link “Obtain Corporation Key” on the online filing center. The previous Corporation Key becomes invalid as soon as a new Corporation Key is requested online.

Should access to the Corporation Key be restricted?

The Corporation Key should be kept with the corporation’s other important records. Access should be restricted to those who are authorized to make online changes and requests on behalf of the corporation.

What if a law firm (or other entity) is listed as the registered office address for my corporation?

The Corporation Key is sent to the registered address that Corporations Canada has on file for your corporation, even where this is the address of a law firm or other entity acting on your behalf. If you do not want the Corporation Key sent to the registered address, you must change the address. See the instructions under “Obtain Corporation Key”.

How do I find out what address Corporations Canada has on file for my corporation’s registered office?

To see the registered office address that is on file for your corporation, simply initiate online database of federal corporations.”

Here is a link to the Industry Canada Online Filing Centre: