[Update for OCA corporations at https://www.canadiancharitylaw.ca/covid-19/#faq-0-8]


The COVID-19 crisis is forcing some non-profit organizations and registered charities to rethink the timing and manner of conducting their annual general meeting of members (AGM). Every organization is different, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not apply.   We are assisting organizations with numerous challenges in dealing with COVID-19 and if your organization requires assistance let us know.  As the situation is evolving on an almost daily basis, we may update this article.

Whether an organization is required to hold an AGM during the COVID-19 crisis depends on whether it is an incorporated organization and, if so, by which corporate legislation (federal or the different provincial acts) it is governed and whether the relevant companies branch maintaining the act has allowed for extensions.  This article is dealing with OCA corporations and we have posted another article dealing with Federal CNCA corporations. For other provincial jurisdictions, it is best to consult your local companies branch for further information or obtain legal advice.

This article COVID-19 and AGMs for Ontario non-profit corporation under the Ontario Corporations Act (OCA) discusses the Ontario Emergency Order, delays in holding AGMs and various legal and practical issues.