Update on April 20, 2020

CRA Charities Directorate call centre is now operational today  Most of the CRA’s Charities Directorate is operational working remotely.


Previously we had noted:

CRA has closed all non-essential departments, including the Charities Directorate and the Charities Directorate call centre. Some call centres at CRA, outside of the Charities Directorate, are still operating at this time (i.e. for businesses or personal tax or for questions about the CRA’s My BA system).

If you need to send something to CRA best to avoid courier or fax and rather use regular mail or the new online CHAMP system.

Here are some helpful resources for registered charities that are available online:

Charities may wish to sign up to the CRA email list or the Blumbergs Charity Law List to receive updates, including when the Charities Directorate of CRA will start up their call centres.