Over the next few months, expect to receive a large number of fraudulent or deceptive requests for funds or donations for COVID-19-related issues. If you don’t want your money to end up in the hands of scammers, it is best that you exercise some caution.  Ideally, donate to non-profits or registered charities that you know well and that have the reputation and experience to do the work that is necessary. Go to their website directly and don’t follow links sent to you via text or email as they may be spoofing the group and not actually from the group.  Sometimes the scams are not asking for a donation but offering to sell you a COVID-19 test kit (these are apparently only available to hospitals) or to sell you face masks (they could take your money and you may never see the masks).

There are many groups, not only charities, doing great work in our communities and they need help with the increasing demands being placed on them. For more information see Blumberg’s smartgiving.ca website or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.