Here is a note from CRA trying to spread the word about rapid testing and workplaces dealing with COVID.  This also includes a program of the Canadian Red Cross for charities, non-profits or Indigenous community organizations with five (5) personnel (staff and volunteers) who work in close proximity or work with community members.




Rapid Testing for COVID-19 Screening in the Workplace

The CRA would like to share this message with you, on behalf of Health Canada.

Thank you for your continued dedication to protecting the health and safety of your employees throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with continuing to be vigilant about public health measures, and as vaccines continue to roll out across Canada, testing and screening as an added layer of protection are critical to help slow the spread and safely reopen the economy. Studies suggest that up to 50% of COVID-19 transmission could be caused by people without symptoms. Regular workplace screening is an important tool to help reduce the risk of outbreaks and quickly identify and isolate cases.

To ensure close-contact workers have quick and easy access to COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, the Government of Canada and some provincial and territorial governments are providing free rapid tests to organizations for use in their workplace screening.

We are pleased to share information with you on the Rapid Testing for COVID-19 Screening in the Workplace initiative. This initiative complements and supports the work of the provinces and territories. While each province and territory decides how to test their residents, they are guided by a common, national approach to COVID-19 testing and screening.

Rapid antigen tests are easy to administer and provide results in 15 minutes. Businesses and non -profit organizations with close-contact employees are encouraged to access our online portal to request free tests.

Small and medium-sized businesses and organizations can also access rapid tests at over 40 Shoppers Drug Mart locations in COVID-19 hot spots in Ontario. Additional pharmacy locations are expected to be added shortly.

Non-profit, charitable and Indigenous community organizations can now pre-register to access rapid tests through the Canadian Red Cross.

To support you in your workplace screening efforts we are providing you with the following information and communications tools: A Fact Sheet on workplace screening with rapid antigen tests, Frequently Asked Questions on workplace screening, Testimonials from senior leaders in organizations currently participating in workplace screening, an article on workplace screening that you may wish to use in your organization’s newsletter or intranet.

By screening people who are not showing symptoms of infection, you can help to identify people who may be carrying COVID-19 into the workplace and in their communities. Your efforts to keep your employees safe are also keeping Canadian communities and their families safe. We hope these tools will assist you in your screening, and want to offer our sincere thanks for your efforts.

The Government of Canada is taking immediate, significant and decisive action to support Canadians and businesses facing hardship as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please visit Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan for information regarding support for Canadians and businesses.