Journalism has been under a lot of stress for many years.  The Trudeau government has proposed a number of complicated and convoluted initiatives to ostensibly support journalism.  One of them was to have a qualified donees category of “registered journalism organizations”.

Well here is the list from CRA of registered journalism organizations.

Yes, there are none on the list.  You don’t need new glasses or contact lenses.   By the way, I also checked the French list and it also has none!   It will be nice to see when there are some organizations on the list.

I guess CRA does not anticipate the need for a fancy database for the names as they have for the 86,000 registered charities as there might only be a few of these RJOs.  In fact, someone at CRA has created a table with exactly 7 lines – perhaps CRA will restrict the number of RJOs to seven!  Not sure why 7 – quite arbitrary I would say.  It will be interesting to see if CRA needs to expand the table beyond 7.

For foundations and operating charities interested in journalism there are lots of things that can be done today to improve journalism and its availability to the Canadian public that fit nicely within charity and you don’t need to wait for some RJOs to be added to the list.

Here is the link to the List of Registered Journalism Organizations.