CRA released several new updates and guidances for registered charities on Friday. This includes a new guidance on the advancement of education (CG-030, Advancement of education and charitable registration) and relief of poverty (CG-029, Relief of poverty and charitable registration). Both of these “heads of charity”, but especially the relief of poverty, are commonly used by Canadian registered charities and there are many charities that would benefit from reading these guidances.

CRA also released the much anticipated update for its guidance on foreign activities, CG-002, Canadian registered charities carrying on activities outside Canada, along with an update to its companion guidance for charities working with intermediaries within Canada, CG-004, Using an intermediary to carry on a charity’s activities within Canada.

The last update was to the guidance on Public Policy Dialogue and Discussion Activities, which was based on public feedback on this new version of political activities for registered charities.


We have written about each of these new updates here: