The CRA noted in Newsletter 33 that they are accepting comments on their new Guidance CPS-028.

Newsletter 33 ( CRA provides in part:

“On June 11, 2009, the new Guidance CPS-028, Fundraising by Registered Charities, was posted on the Charities and Giving Web site. The guidance provides information for registered charities about the CRA’s expectations for reporting fundraising expenditures and the CRA’s approach to determining whether a charity’s fundraising activities are consistent with the requirements for registered charities under the Income Tax Act.

The guidance was developed to:

    provide more information about the requirements of the Income Tax Act and to clarify the CRA’s position on fundraising;

      promote greater consistency in reporting; and

        help charities evaluate and monitor their fundraising activities.

        All charities with fundraising activities should familiarize themselves with this new guidance.

        During the implementation period, we will continue to accept comments from the public and the charitable sector regarding the guidance. In April 2010, we will review the guidance and consider whether revisions are necessary, taking all comments received into account.

        If you have comments regarding the guidance you can email us at:, or you can send your comments in writing to the address or fax number found at the end of this newsletter.“