We recently obtained a copy of the CRA analysis of charities that disclosed on the T3010 they did political activities.  In a note from Bryan McLean, Director of Policy, Planning and Legislation Division of CRA to Cathy Hawara the then current Director General of the Charities Directorate, Mr. McLean includes a summary of the percentage of Canadian charities that identified on the T3010 that they conducted political activities and also the names of those charities.  

Hi Cathy,

In 2012, 444 charities answered “yes” to line 2400 – Did the charity carry on any political activities during the fiscal period?

Out of the 85,049 returns filed for 2012, that represents a percentage of 0.52.

Based on charities that filed a 2011 , 2012 and 2013 return as of June 2014:
• In 2011, 446 charities reported yes on line 2400 of their return. A total of 84,764 returns were filed for that year for a percentage of 0.53 %

• In 2012, 444 charities reported yes on line 2400 of their return. A total of 85,049 returns were filed for that year for a percentage of 0.52 %

• In 2013, with approximately 65% of charities having filed as of June 2014, 333 charities reported yes on line 2400 of their return . A total of 55,074 returns have been filed thus far for the 2013 fiscal year for a percentage of 0.60 %