In a presentation to E&Y Gary Huenemoeder of the Charities Directorate provided certain updated audit statistics for 2016-2017 which shows the outcomes of the CRA's completed audits.

Audit statistics(2016-2017)

•Audits completed –652


•Clean audits –38
•Education letters issued –387
•Compliance Agreements –142
•Voluntary Revocation –17
•Annulments –5
•Notice of Intent to Revoke -39
•Penalties and Sanctions –3
•Other -21

Gary also identified common reasons for revocation which include:

•Improper/inflated receipts
•Undue/private benefit
•Foreign activities lack of direction and control
•Gifting to non-qualified donees
•Inadequate books and records
•Lack or minimal devotion of resources to charitable activities
•Participation in a registered or unregistered tax shelter