The CRA has announced new charity information sessions for September and October.

Here is some information from the CRA website:

Charities Information Sessions registration

The Charities Information Sessions are offered to all registered charities. These free sessions are an excellent opportunity for your treasurer, new board members, or volunteers to learn about your charity’s legal obligations.

The following topics will be presented this year:

•Gifting and receipting
•Gifting to other organizations
•Maintaining direction and control of resources
•Keeping books and records
•Filing the Registered Charity Information Return (T3010)
•Revised fundraising guidance
•Provincial presentations (in some cities)

You must register on-line as seating is limited. If you are having difficulty registering, call 1-800-267-2384, and a client services officer will be pleased to help you.

This year’s Charities Information Sessions were held in the spring (May and June) and will be held in the fall (September and October).

To register, select the city and complete the registration form:

September and October sessions: