If you search the CRA Charities Listing under revoked for cause charities it provides a list of Canadian charities that have been revoked for cause.  I noticed recently that Assemblée de Dieu de Montreal-Nord has had its charity status revoked for cause and all the reasons cited in the summary relate to late filing of T3010s and providing inaccurate information.

Here is the information from the CRA database:

“Summary of Reasons for Revocation – Assemblée de Dieu de Montreal-Nord
[Translation] We are of the opinion that the Organization has contravened subsection 149.1(14) of the Act by not filing an information return for registered charities for 2007 to 2012 within the prescribed timeframes, and by filing information returns containing inaccurate information. Consequently, this constitutes one of the reasonable grounds for recommending revocation of the Organization’s registration pursuant to paragraph 168(1)(c) of the Act. “

If you want to search the CRA database you can go to http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/ebci/haip/srch/advancedsearch-eng.action