The CRA Corporate Business Plan discusses CRA plans. It provides some interesting information on the Charities Directorate.  Here are some of the highlights:

The Charities Directorate has a budget of about $29,154,434.  It has about 333 Full Time Equivalent positions.  Here is a blurb on the role of the Charities Directorate:

To qualify for registration as a charity under the Income Tax Act, an organization must operate according to specific guidelines, and the CRA is responsible for monitoring the organization's compliance. We support and encourage compliance with income tax legislation and regulations for registered charities through our enquiries services and outreach activities, and by providing a thorough and timely application process. We offer in-person sessions, webinars, and webcasts on topics like the tax deductibility of donations, filing requirements, record keeping, tax planning schemes, preparing for an audit, and the implications of non-compliance.

We conduct audits and, when charities are found to be non-compliant with the requirements of the Income Tax Act, we take appropriate action. This action ranges from helping the charity understand the rules through education and outreach activities, to suspending its charitable status, or to revoking its registered status.

In terms of its expected service standards and performance indicators that the Charities Directorate is trying to achieve by March 2015:

Charities – responding to telephone enquiries in agent queue within two minutes 80% 
Charities – responding to simple applications for charitable registration within two months 80% 
Charities – responding to regular applications for charitable registration within six months 80% 

Percentage of charities that are audited, that are known to be participating in gifting tax shelters  100%

Percentage of charities that file an annual information return on time 80%