The Charities Directorate of CRA in Charities Connection No. 5 – November 2010 notes new guidances that will be released for consultation by the Charities Directorate.

Consultation processes
We consult on our new guidance documents because your comments help us to develop policies and guidelines that are easier to understand and apply. We encourage you to share our draft guidance documents with individuals and groups who may not be regular visitors to our Web pages and who may be interested in contributing their views.

We will soon be launching consultations for the following guidance documents:

•Guidance on arts Organizations and Charitable Registration
•Promotion of Animal Welfare and Charitable Registration
•Charitable Purposes and Activities for Protecting the Environment
•Complementary and Alternative Health Services
As new guidance documents become available, they will be posted on the consultation Web page. You can also subscribe to our free electronic mailing list and be notified when new information is added to the Charities and Giving Web pages. Staying on top of new releases and revisions to existing policy products will help to ensure that you have the information you need to operate your charity effectively and remain compliant.