The CRA has just published a sample: T3010B, Registered Charity Information Return, with accompanying forms and financial statements.  This will be very helpful to charities as the T3010B is a new form.

Here is the note:

Samples: T3010B, Registered Charity Information Return, with accompanying forms and financial statements As part of our ongoing effort to help small and rural charities meet their registration obligations, including their filing obligations, the Charities Directorate has created a sample T3010B, Registered Charity Information Return, along with certain samples of accompanying forms. We have also created accompanying sample financial statements.
The charity we refer to in these samples is a fictional small church. These samples should help small and rural charities better understand:
how to complete their information return; and
what information they should be providing in their financial statements.
You must include a copy of your charity’s financial statements with your annual information return. If you do not include your financial statements we will consider your return to be incomplete, and your organization could have its charitable registration revoked.
At a minimum, financial statements consist of a statement of assets and liabilities, and a statement of revenue and expenditures for the fiscal period. They should show the different sources of your charity’s revenue and how it spent its money. The return (other than the items marked confidential) and the financial statements filed with it are available to the public.
The CRA recommends that charities file audited financial statements if their gross income from all sources is more than $250,000. The charity’s treasurer should sign any financial statements that have not been professionally prepared.
Form T3010B, Registered Charity Information Return (PDF, 318 KB)
Financial Statements
Form T1235, Directors/Trustees and Like Officials Worksheet (PDF, 124 KB)
Form T1236, Qualified Donees Worksheet/Amounts Provided to Other Organizations (PDF, 83 KB)


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