CRA has just released a new guidance called “Canadian Registered Charities Carrying out Activities Outside Canada”.   Although the name indicates “foreign activities” this document deals with a lot more than foreign activities.  It covers the relationship between a Canadian charity and any non-qualified donee, whether in Canada or abroad.  If a Canadian charity has dealing with, for example, a non-profit that does not have charitable status then the same rules apply as a Canadian charity dealing with a foreign entity.  Essentially, almost all organizations outside of Canada are non-qualified donees.  If you are going to transfer resources to them you need to maintain “direction and control” over those resources.  This documents helps a Canadian charity understand what is required for direction and control. Failure to maintain direction and control can result in a 105% penalty of the amount transfered and/or revocation of charitable status.

Who should be reading and understanding the guidance?  The main groups are:
a) registered charities that conduct foreign activities;
b) registered charities that work with intermediaries in Canada that are not qualified donees;
c) foundations that provide funds for registered charities who carry out those activities;
d) professional advisors, such as lawyers, accountants, who advise charities;

Here is a bigger font PDF version of the guidance “Canadian Registered Charities Carrying out Activities Outside Canada”.  This is easier to read, download, highlight and comment on. Guidance_for_Canadian_Registered_Charities_Carrying_Out_Activities_Outside_Canada_-_July_8,_2010.pdf

For those that are interested here is a sample contractor agreement for a Canadian registered charity conducting foreign activities

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Here is the short link for the page “CRA’s new Guidance on foreign activities by Canadian charities”

In 2011 CRA released a guidance entitled “Using an Intermediary to Carry out a Charity’s Activities within Canada”  It is very similar to the foreign activity guidance except it deals with Canadian charities dealing with non-qualified donees in Canada.