In January 2012 I put in an access to information request to the Department of Finance relating to certain inappropriate activities by Canadian charities.  In April 2012 I received a partial response.  It includes everything from newspaper articles to secret memos that have been heavily redacted and some not so heavily redacted.

Memo from Michael Horgan of Department of Finance on funds going to the cause, disbursement quota reform, fundraising guidance and key messages

Memo by Michael Horgan on Tax Treatment of Non-Profit Organizations and otherTax-exempt Entities

Annex on entities in Canada and whether filing requirement and able to carry on business on a tax-exempt basis

Key Regulatory Requirements Applicable to Registered Charities and Qualified Donees – Annex B – Memo from Michael Horgan, Dept. of Finance

If you are wondering about some of the notations on the documentations here is a list of Department of Finance Exemptions to Disclosure under the Access to Information Act