It was very nice to read recently a discussion paper from the T3010 Research Group on how the T3010 and data in the sector can be improved.  It was written by François Brouard (Sprott School of Business, Carleton University), Michael Lenczner (Ajah) and Annika Patzelt (Ajah).   I thought the paper was very well written.   I am not used to reading documents in the charity sector that are 23 pages long and I don’t have lots of concerns!


In fact, I would just quibble about a few words namely “avoid optional data;” on page 12.  I can understand why researchers don’t like it but I think that with the diversity of the charity sector there are some things that are vital to some groups in the sector and almost irrelevant to others.   And we are not talking about minor issues.   For example, volunteers are vital for many charities, However, there are some large professional charities that have few volunteers and their contribution to their work may not be great to that organization.   Currently, the T3010 asks almost nothing about volunteers and I know some people are always focused on simplicity and “reducing the regulatory burden” and don’t want to ask more questions.  I think on a topic like volunteers charities should have the option to answer or not answer questions relating to how many volunteers and how much are they contributing to the work of the charity.

The T3010,  which is very focused on financial matters and certain regulatory matters, almost completely ignores the important contribution of volunteers.  This is very unfair to small charities, for whom volunteers, are their lifeblood   So I have no problem with a small charity that wants to keep track of volunteers then answering questions on volunteers.   Another charity may not wish to go to that effort and in the big picture, the contribution of volunteers may be immaterial to their overall operations.

Very minor point and I highly encourage people to read the discussion paper.