I recently read a very good report from The Charity Report dealing with charity sector employees entitled Charity Sector Employees: Employee Stats, Industry Compensation and Salary Averages for 2018 (September 2020).    I thought that one element that was not covered in that report was how many employees each charity has.  I just looked at full-time employees, although the T3010 also has part-time employees for every charity.  You can see individual charities at www.CharityData.ca.

Keep in mind the usual caveats that there are many problems with the way charities complete the T3010 because of the line spacing and questions that result in transpositions – for example, a question asks how many employees the charity has and the person puts in 44,000 – but they are only a small charity with a $90,000 budget – they probably have 1 employee not 44,000.  This is a common mistake that inflates the number of employees.


That being said, here are some numbers broken down from the 2018 T3010 (most complete so far) for full-time employees:


1 employee11,737
2 employees4,800
3 employees3,162
4 employees2,137
5 employees1,522
6-10 employees4,095
11-20 employees3,086
21-50 employees2,567
51-100 employees1,056
101 -1000 employees1,109
1000+  employees274



This covers about 35,545 charities and that means about 49,000 don`t have full-time employees.   About 45,462 say they have some employee expenses and 38,485 have none.

As we note in our Blumbergs’ Canadian Charity Sector Snapshot for 2018 the charity sector spends about $271 billion per year and of that $155 Billion was spent by Canadian charities on salaries and other compensation expenditures.   So about 57% of charity expenditures are on staff.   Just to give you an idea of size – the total sector issuance of official donation receipts is only $18 billion.  There are over 2 million full-time employees and far more part-time or part-year employees.   Of those over 4 million people, only 551 earned over 350,000 and about 424 between $300,000 – $349,000.