Although the law, governance and ethics are closely intertwined there is little written about ethics of Canadian charities operating abroad. Here are some links that may be of assistance to Canadian charities that operate outside of Canada to understand some of the ethical issues that they may have to deal with.

If you are a Canadian charity interested in conducting foreign activities you may wish to review the material of the US organization InterAction (, the British Organization BOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development)( or the Australian Council for International Development(ACFID)( as well as Canadian resources.

Private Voluntary Organization Standards Self-Certification Plus Guidelines and Compliance Form
Association of Evangelical Relief and Development Organizations (AERDO) Interagency Gift-in-Kind (GIK) Standards – very useful for organizations that accept gifts-in-kind like medical supplies, clothing etc.
Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies (EMP)

Codes of Ethics and Codes of Conduct and other resources for charities conducting foreign activities and international development

Australian code and guidance

British Organization BOND (British Overseas NGOs for Development)

Interaction (US) Code

-Guideline on Faith and Service (from Interaction – deals with religion and international development/humanitarian assistance and that “
members of InterAction should never proselytize or discriminate at point of service.”)

-Interaction Position Statement on Demonstrating NGO Effectiveness

Irish Code

Canadian Ethics Related Links from the CCIC
The CCIC Code of Ethics and Operational Standard.
Guidance document on the CCIC Code of Ethics
Creating a Code of Ethics: Developing ethical standards for a sector
Ethics Game
Asking the C.Y.A.* Questions: Due Diligence in our Engagements with the Private Sector
Ethical Decision Making – some basics by Anne Buchanan and Cornelius von Baeyer
Commentary on CCIC’s Code of Ethics Programme
Self-Certification Process for CCIC Code of Ethics
A Shared Vision, High Principles and Some Good Housekeeping
Conversations With Southern Partners: The Search for Meaningful Partnerships (1996)

CCIC Links on Engagement by Charities with Private Sector for profit Companies
Bridges or Walls? Making Our Choices on Private Sector Engagement
Engaged or Entangled ? NGO and the Private Sector on an Agenda to End Poverty by CCIC
A Practical Introduction to Managing Conflict of Interest Situations
Communications to the Public (Fundraising Images)

Other Canadian Links
Institute on Governance

Ethics Practitioners’ Association of Canada