Canadian registered charities now have more options when it comes to filing their T3010 for 2019.  The form can be filed electronically through the CHAMP system (since June 1, 2019) or a registered charity can still file using the paper form T3010.  If you are filing using the paper form try to use the most updated T3010 Version C and make sure that you send the form to the new address in PEI:

Charities Directorate
Canada Revenue Agency
105 – 275 Pope Road
Summerside PE C1N 6E8

 Advantages of using CHAMP

  1. Less likelihood of CRA making an error inputting the form (although in our experience most errors are from the charity!)
  2. The form will be up online quicker if you are using CHAMP which means better and more updated information for the public
  3. CRA also lists a number of advantages which I will reproduce below:
    • The form is broken down into sections that you complete at your leisure.
    • You will only be asked for additional information on certain items depending on whether you say yes or no to previous questions, or check certain items on a list.
    • Progress bars and status indicate which sections you’ve completed, started, or haven’t started yet.
    • Start and stop the return at any time. Clicking “next” saves the information up to that point.
    • Multiple individuals can work on it.
    • Review and change a section at any time.
    • You can print the return for your records once it’s been submitted.
    • No more postmarks. The date you click submit is the date we officially receive it.

Disadvantages of using CHAMP

CRA does not list any disadvantages of their new CHAMP system but we thought we would mention a couple.

  1. The main disadvantage of using CHAMP is that you have to access CHAMP – some groups may find it can be challenging.  Admittedly only one authorized person needs to get on – but sometimes that can be surprisingly frustrating.
  2. CHAMP requires a higher degree of computer proficiency than using a PDF.

As more and more services are offered through CHAMP it makes sense for most charities to bite the bullet and get on the system.   Don’t leave accessing CHAMP to the last minute – try to get on the system a few months before you need to file your T3010 to make sure that you are ready.

Our law firm does not prepare T3010 forms but we review many of them for our clients prior to filing.   It is much easier to file an accurate form than to fix an inaccurate form or deal with a CRA audit which might be initiated because of a CRA concern with the T3010.   CRA now has the power to suspend a charity’s receipting for 1 year if the charity files an inaccurate T3010.  That could be quite devastating for many charities.

If you have any good CHAMP stories send them to us – both good and bad.